13-year-old Illinois girl says she was bullied then beaten at school


The family of a 13-year-old Illinois girl said an attack at her school left her face bloody and bruised.

WLS reports the 7th grader, Charlee, has not been in school since last Thursday because she’s afraid. He family said she was bullied then beaten a by another student during PE class at Gardner Grade School.

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“She took her chest on my back and pushed me down,” Charlee said.

Charlee’s older brother shared photos of his sister’s injuries on social media after the family said the school was slow to act.

After taking her daughter to the hospital, Kim Funes couldn’t believe what the school told her when she asked them to call police and they refused.

“I was told the girl would receive two days’ suspension. And no charges would filed against the girl because it was her first offense,” Funes said.

On Tuesday, the  district superintendent sent a statement to families that said, in part, “In response to the incident, the District immediately began an investigation… our student’s safety is always our first priority.”

The district said it is working with law enforcement.

Kim Funes said she wants the student who she said attacked her daughter to be expelled. She believes there are other girls who have been victims of her bullying.

ABC7 Chicago obtained the following statement from the school district’s superintendent:

I am writing to inform our community of an incident of student misconduct that occurred last Thursday during a physical education class that resulted in injuries to one of our students.

In response to the incident, the District immediately began an investigation. Throughout the investigation, the District worked collaboratively with law enforcement, and took immediate action in response to the student who committed the misconduct.

While the District is unable to share the details of the investigation and the actions taken to respond to the misconduct due to student confidentiality and privacy laws, the District takes all incidents of misconduct seriously and our student’s safety is always our first priority.


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