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Cocomelon Season 2 Spoilers

  Release year: 2020

J.J. returns for extra musical adventures and colourful training as his buddies and own circle of relatives be a part of in at the amusing.

Learn and Play with J.J.. Episode 1 of Season 2.

Toy vehicle kits, jiggly jello and a category puppy hold J.J. and his friends busy as they sing approximately colors, musical contraptions and the alphabet.

Family Jams. Episode 2 of Season 2.

Family time method amusing time, mainly while J.J. has a track for each occasion! He additionally learns a way to take turns and dance the Looby Loo.

Playtime Favorites. Episode three of Season 2.

Whether schooling tough in taekwondo or the usage of their 5 senses, J.J. and his buddies carry pleasure and song to playtime with loved kids' songs.

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