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General Hospital Spoilers for the Week of January 25 - 29, 2021!


Monday, January 25

Nina is wise to Valentin's machinations. Carly enlists help. Ava is determined to make peace. Willow makes an important decision. Maxie attempts to diffuse a potentially bad situation.

Tuesday, January 26

Bobbie attempts to distract Ava. Michael considers next steps. Finn looks to Jackie for answers. Anna and Jordan take a moment to bond. Portia helps Curtis.

Wednesday, January 27

Willow offers Sasha her support. Peter publishes a disconcerting article. Liz has a heart to heart with an old friend. Jax and Nina resist Valentin's bait. Nikolas is contemplative.

Thursday, January 28

Lucy is dismissive of Carly, Val helps Nina try to get to the truth, and Curtis gets a fresh new perspective about relationships. Meanwhile, Alexis goes to the hospital with Sam, and Jason and Britt develop a strategy.

Friday, January 29

Nina's curiosity is piqued, Olivia's confusion mounts, and Liz takes Jason to task. Meanwhile, Alexis begins to comprehend the error of her ways, and Monica grows tired of a house guest.

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