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Stop Embarrassing Me? - Lady Blows Hot on Boyfriend For Proposing to Her in the Market (Watch Video)

I was thinking Men proposing to their girlfriends is what every woman out there wants. 

But these made my rethink, not every lady want her man to propose to her or maybe they want a particular location for proposal. 

"Why are you embarrassing me?" - Lady tackles boyfriend for proposing to her at the market.

The guy was short of words and doesn't know what to do, he was right there kneeling down. 

Shy no gree him get up. I don't want to face this kind thing oo when i want to propose to my girlfriend. 

Guys, if it was you want will you do? Girls can you tackle your man like this if he proposes to you in a market place?

I have uploaded the Video on Instagram, Just tap here to watch and don't forget to share let everyone comment on this.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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