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Suspected Human Parts Butcher Apprehended, See The Building Where He Slaughters People

As horrible as it sounds there are terrible people who make money from selling human body parts and organs to ritualist and cannibals

The old man in handcuffs in the image below confessed to being a human body part butcher after he was arrested by men of the Nigerian police force acting on Intel.

The old man also revealed that there were others like him who slaughter humans and sell their body parts to buyers. He was then compelled to reveal the location where they carry out their nefarious activities

According to an eyewitness who shared the story to Famous blog, the old man led the police and a large crowd to an old abandoned building where he and others like him use as an abattoir for butchering humans.

Photo of the building where he butchers people

The eye witness said when they entered the building, they saw just one man escaping through the window but they saw pieces of evidence that proved that the building was indeed used as a location for nefarious activities

The eyewitness said several students ID cards, hair wigs, ATM cards, cheques, and animal wastes

The eyewitness also revealed that the alleged abattoir was opposite the University teaching hospital in Ado-Ekiti

I wonder the kind of heart some people have, how can you kill your fellow human and sell their body parts and organs

The world is indeed a wicked place and you can never be too careful.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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