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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for the Week of January 25 - 29, 2021!


Monday, January 25

Zoe is beside herself when she discovers that she missed a text that could have changed the course of her life. Eager to determine who the father of her baby is, Steffy, asks for a paternity test.

Tuesday, January 26

Zoe reaches out to Zende, showing him the delayed text and hoping there is still a chance for them to be together. Ridge questions Zende about Zoe's intentions after Carter asks him to be his best man.

Wednesday, January 27

Zende covers when Ridge comes on strong about Zoe's relationship with Carter. In love with Katie, Dollar Bill falls on his sword in an attempt to win her back.

Thursday, January 28

Ready to go all-in and give their feelings for one another a chance, Zoe makes a surprise and seductive visit to Zende. Separately, Bill and Katie seek advice from Wyatt and Donna about reuniting with each other.

Friday, January 29

Ridge angrily demands answers after busting Zoe and Zende. Paris decides that it's time to tell Carter the truth about Zoe.

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