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The Young and The Restless January 2021 Spoilers and Rumours

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January 18, 2021
Pretty much the entire Newman family has urged Victor to keep Adam at arm’s length. For his part, Adam wanted that as well… until he needed his dad’s help to deal with the Chelsea situation. But at long last, it appears that Victor may be making progress where his relationship with Adam is concerned. (Let’s see how the rest of the clan feels about that!) Mariah once again proves that she’s exactly the person you want to call when you’re in need. Abby landed her dream guy but, rather than focus on being happy she’s now borderline obsessed with having a baby. When she and Chance get a bit of unexpected news, might it mean that they are finally going to be able to expand their newly-formed family?

January 19, 2021
Given her history with alcoholism, Nikki is the logical person to share her cautionary tales with burgeoning underage drinker, Faith. Will the Newman matriarch be able to get through to the wayward teen when her former daughter-in-law Sharon turns to her for help? It’s safe to say that Nate isn’t exactly Billy’s biggest fan, so it’s probably not terribly surprising that he has a few words of warning for Lily about her new beau. Although Elena and Devon were once deeply in love, her infidelity broke his heart and sent them spiraling in separate directions. Though both seem to be moving on, are they really in a place where she can ask Devon about his feelings for Amanda? We’ll find out based on how he reacts when she does exactly that!

January 20, 2021
Abby has always been treated like an also-ran where her powerful family is concerned. But proving that surprises never cease, Victor firmly ensconces himself in Abby’s corner today. It’s no secret Traci is the heart of the Abbott family, and has often been a pillar of strength for her siblings. When it’s his turn to be there for her, what advice will Jack give his sister after she makes a confession?

January 21, 2021
Chelsea’s got enough on her plate, what with trying to bounce back from a devastating stroke. So it’s not surprising that when Adam once again begins bonding with his favorite one-woman support system, Sharon, Chelsea’s not exactly thrilled. Still away on her, ahem, business trip, Summer may get exactly what she’s looking for — dirt on Sally — when she takes a meeting with Flo. Will Wyatt’s girlfriend reveal just how far Sally was willing to go in her efforts to steal Flo’s guy? In the aftermath of persuading Phyllis to back down from her plot to go after Victoria, Kevin receives a surprise visitor. Something tells us that whole flashdrive business may not be as over as we thought when he claimed to have destroyed the device.

January 22, 2021
Nikki and Victoria are always there for one another — after all, how many mother and daughter duos have buried a body together or run a huge corporation as a team? Therefore, when Victoria needs help, it’s no shock that Nikki’s the one to point her in the right direction. Adam grows concerned about Chelsea’s progress. But could he — and his tie to Sharon — actually be what’s holding Chelsea back? It wasn’t all that long ago that it looked as if Amanda and Nate might morph into one of Genoa City’s sexiest couples. Instead, they’ve gone their separate ways… but there is still some unfinished business between them, and it’s about to get resolved.

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