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Watch Video: Dead Boy Allegedly Captured On Camera Roaming The Street While His Family Was Preparing For Burial

Wonders they say shall never end and this particular story has left Facebook users in awe as they are greatly surprised and astounded by what allegedly happened to a dead boy. 

I once thought seeing a ghost is a myth and a product of mere thoughts as I have argued on several occasion that reincarnation is a thing that is never possible. 

I have heard stories of how some people see their loved ones who died in their dreams speaking with them, and I was left with the conclusion that it must be a demonic manipulation fueling such occurrence, but this story will make one have a rethink.

A dead boy was captured on camera roaming the streets in Douala, the French speaking area of Cameroon. A page on Facebook called ADE Divine made the post as he gave the name of the dead boy to be Junior Njenkal who passed away after suffering from the effects of excessive intake of alcohol. After his death from alcohol abuse, he was put in the mortuary and while his family was preparing for burka, a neighbor saw him from a distance at the corner of a street waiting to board a bike.

He brought out his phone from a distance to film the dead boy as he waited a bike that had two people on it and took off. According to Canal2 Report, the mother of the boy arrived the mortuary to bring him out for Service of Song, but was told the dead boy's paternal grandfather and uncle had taken the corpse away already.

Below is a postal of the boy who died in 2020

While his family were already on black to kick start his burial, they were left in awe when a neighbor told them that he saw the dead boy on the street boarding a bike and they quickly went to the mortuary with the intention to bring him out, but they were told he had been taken already.

Below is a photo of a woman granting an interview in French.

Watch Video Below: 

This mind blowing thing has made most people to react as they wonder if such thing still happens. Some said it is never a superstition, adding that it happens in Africa.

What do you have to say concerning this? Have you seen someone who was declared dead roaming the street before? Like, share and drop a comment.

Source: NetflixShows.Net

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