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After 11-Year-Old Gives Birth to Her Brother’s Baby in the Bathtub, Police Arrest 3 Family Members

In St. Charles, Missouri, police are investigating a family after an 11-year-old gave birth to a baby last week in the bathtub of her home.

Lesbia Cante, the grandmother of the unnamed baby, took the newborn to a nearby hospital along with her husband, Francisco Javier Gonzalez-Lopez.

At first, the two claimed that a stranger had left the baby on their front porch but investigators soon found out the truth.

On February 11, both Cante and Gonzalez-Lopez rushed the infant to St. Joseph Hospital, the umbilical cord, and placenta still attached.

In addition, the baby had a body temperature of 90 degrees, which worried doctors.

The couple continued to claim how the infant arrived or who its parents were until two days later in a follow-up interview with police. Gonzalez-Lopez eventually confessed the child had actually been born in the bathtub of his home.

He also revealed the identity of the mother: Cante’s 11-year-old daughter. The father was Gonzalez-Lopez’s 17-year-old son, Norvin Leonidas Lopez-Cante. It is unconfirmed if the two are siblings or half-siblings.

Gonzalez-Lopez alleged he did not know the girl was pregnant, or that his own son was raping her — that was until she gave birth in the bathtub.

While Lopez-Cante claims to not remember when the rapes began, he admitted to having sex with the girl twice a week, possibly 100 times in total.

The teen was then charged with first-degree statutory rape, statutory sodomy as well as incest. Currently, his bond is set at $25,000.

In addition, Gonzalez-Lopez was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child and had his bail set at $10,000. It was also noted he entered the country illegally and was previously deported.

Lastly, the 11-year-old’s mother, Lesbia Cante, was charged with failing to provide medical care to the girl after she gave birth.

With a background in the creative and educational fields, Amelia Finefrock is a freelance writer, singer-songwriter, and nanny based in Chicago.

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