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Amazing Video Shows Golden Retrievers Watching Over Their Newborn Puppies

A video showing two Golden Retrievers admiring their puppies has gone viral after being shared online by the proud owners. The video has now been watched by over 15 million people on YouTube, with many more views over other social-media platforms. Those that have seen the video were amazed at just how attentive and proud the new parents look.

The seven pups that arrived are absolutely adorable and are each decked out with their own coloured collar. At the time the video was taken the seven puppies are too young to even walk and had not yet opened their eyes.

In the video, the two Golden Retriever parents sit attentively watching the pups, with the pup on the extreme-left and the pup on the extreme-right using their tiny legs to begin crawling. In no time at all, they were moving around their little den, building up their muscles.

Later, the mom takes a little nap while the dad stays awake to keep an eye on the litter. He even lovingly rests his head on his partner. As the video ends, we see the entire family lying together with parents facing each other and the puppies lying in-between, suckling for milk.

The puppies will now stay with their parents until they are old enough to go to homes of their own. It is almost certain, in part due to the video, that these pups will be picked up by new loving owners extremely quickly.

Comments left on the video ranged from those admiring the puppies and their parents, to those who saw the chance to make a little joke. They included:

“The dad is like: how lucky I’m a dog and not gonna go to work to feed these beasts”

“I love how the dad doesn’t sleep, he just stays awake watching the pups and the mom..good boy”

“This is a reminder that there’s still a lot of beauty in the world”


“Beautiful !! You can tell that the parents love each other and their babies…there are some human parents that could learn from that!!”

Golden retrievers are America’s most popular dog-breed. While most are simply kept as pets, many do important work, such as working as sniffer dogs, guide dogs for the blind, and as gun-dogs on farms.

They are famously loving towards their owners and are remarkably easy to train.

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