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He Wakes Up From A Coma After 12 Years. What He Tells His Mom Is HEARTBREAKING!

The story in this artice is about a 12 years old boy, Martin Pistorius, from South Africa who was in a coma for 12 years. You will be amazed to hear that one day, he came home with a sore throat, but that turned out to be a prelude to a 12-year health crisis. They realized that it wasn’t just a sore throat because his condition, both physical and mental, started deteriorating quickly and in the end he couldn’t even walk or speak. According to doctors, it was cryptoccocal meningitis that was causing this condition. However, they were not able to diagnose his illnes precisely.

After 2 years being in a complete coma, Martin’s mind started waking up. At the age of 14-15 he was aware of everything around him but he couldn’t speak so no one knew that. Unfortunately, he stayed in vegetative state for 12 years and he felt trapped in his own body.

In cases like this, most of the people lose hope when a person stays in coma for such a long time and they even Martin because he overheared his mother saying that she wished he was dead, but he knew that she was heartbroken seeing him laying in that position and not being able to live his own life.

Look the video bellow which is a NBC interview and you will learn what life was like for Martin and his own family and the heartbreaking statement.

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