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How to Add Your Site to Phoenix Browser

Are you thinking of submitting your site or blog to Phoenix browser so that when ever you publish a post it will appear on the Phoenix browser news feed?

Search no more because you are that the last bus stop. 

In this post, I will be teaching you how i managed to add my own website on phoenix browser.

Do you know that right now, each post i publish on my blog appears on Phoenix browser? I know that's what you want to. 

Steps on How to Add Your Site to Phoenix Browser

  1. Make sure you publish articles on your blog regularly.
  2. Send a mail to [email protected] requesting them to add your site to Phoenix browser. 
  3. Wait for their reply for next thing to do. You will get a response like this below:

Congratulations if you got such response after you sent the mail. Within a week your posts will be appearing on Phoenix browser.

Do You Have Any Question? Leave a comment below I Will be Right there to answer you. 

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