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Mailman is About to Drop Mail Off for 94-Yr-Old Woman, Hears Crying inside and Breaks In

Josh Hefta was doing his usual routine in North Dakota when his tasks changed. He had been doing the delivery of mail to 162 areas every day for some years and had become familiar with his clients.

94-year-old Alice Paschke had developed a liking for Josh as he usually made an effort to assist. Josh would leave the mail at her door, so Alice did not have to go to her mailbox.

When he arrived at Alice’s house, Josh saw something unusual because Alice would always greet him outside and have a discussion.

Since she lived alone in an isolated area, Alice was excited when someone came along. She gave him bites and a drink to help him in the rest of his course and the two connected.

As time went by, it became difficult for Alice to move around. Josh would help her.

During one visit, Josh knocked on her door as always but there was no answer. He got worried as Alice never left home and had fun talking with her. He continued to knock while hoping she would answer. Then he heard a faint voice calling for assistance.

The door was locked, and Josh knew he had to take a quick action to open the door.

When he managed to open, he was surprised to see Alice on the ground.

The old woman had fallen and had been there for more than 20 hours. She knew Josh was her only hope and all she could do was to wait for her hero.

The woman said he told Josh to come in. He saved her life, and that is her story as she will remember Josh as long as she lives.

Josh has since then awarded the Postmaster General Award, the highest award a postal carrier can get. His name was added to the Heroes Wall at the Washington Postal Service headquarters. The two still see each even after this happened

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