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Mom Put Her Child To Bed With An Onion – The Reason Has Me Really Surprised

There are so many people who always turn to medications once they have some health problems. Instead of doing that, head into your kitchen and take an onion. For centuries now, onions have been used in the treatment against many diseases.

Here is an illnesses’ percentage that onion can successfully treat:

Onions are perfect homeopatihic treatment that helps in numerous diseases because they are rich in sulfur with solid antibacterial and sterile capacities.


In most of the cases, people always use syrup once they begin to experience a dreadful cough. Onion is a better solution because it is natural, without causing side-effects.

Nausea cure

Just cut the onion in the middle, and put each half in your armpits. Hold them in front of you and unwind and your skickness will blur away.

No more athletes foot

You can use onion to treat athletes foot because it contains anti-fungal properties . It will help you dispose of parasites by essentially rubbing it on the affected area. Let it stay for 10 minutes and after that wash off. At that point rehash three times each day until gone.

Sinus infections

Onions are beneficial for sinus contamination. All you need to do is to cut an onion, place it in a dish, put your head over the dish and breathe in profoundly. In this way, your nose will soon get to be unstuffed and running, which is the thing that you need to happen with persistent, stopped up sinus contaminations.

Hair loss prevention

Onions can also help you in the prevention of hair fall. Putting onion juice on your scalp is said to lessen male pattern baldness as the sulfur substance is so high and this has been ascribed to keeping up a solid head.

No more infections

Ear contaminations are irritating and agonizing. You can utilize onions both inside and remotely to dispose of ear diseases.

Cold cure

You can cure cold with onion tea. You should simply prepare some straightforward onion tea and experience help rapidly.

Pipmle eraser

Many people have pimples on their face and they use expensive creams and treatments to get rid of them. You should prepare a mixture with half a cup of honey and one onion. Apply this mixture on the affected area, and you will get rid of pimples.

No more bugs

As we all know, mosquitoes can be very annoying and irritating, so you can keep them away with a bag of onions. If you get bit, you shoul hold some onion on the nibble to diminish swelling and tingling.

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