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Pennsylvania woman saved from violent ordeal after putting ‘Call 911’ sign in window: cops

A Pennsylvania woman survived a violent attack after a passerby noticed a hand-scrawled sign she had put up in the window and called the police, authorities said this week.

ABC6 A women used a note in her women to alert police.

The message, which read “Call 911,” may have saved her life as cops said the victim was being beaten and choked by a brutal attacker. A knife-wielding suspect identified as 44-year-old James Vickers was arrested the scene and charged with multiple crimes.

The incident happened Saturday morning at a home in Unity Township, about 40 miles east of Pittsburgh.

The victim told investigators that the man, whose relationship to her has not been released, smashed her cellphone so she wouldn’t be able to call for help, Pennsylvania State Police said at a news conference Tuesday.

She then decided to write a desperate plea for help on a piece of paper she had found, leading to at least one 911 call.

“Heads up on the victim’s part,” Trooper Steve Limani told reporters. “Having to go through a traumatic situation that she had just went through and then thought, ‘My phone is damaged, I can’t make a call, what I can I do to get myself out of this horrible situation?’”

When cops arrived at the house, they found Vickers in possession of a knife and arrested him after a brief struggle, according to a criminal complaint obtained by local news station WTAE.

Police said they also found methamphetamine and other suspected narcotics at the house.

Vickers was charged with assault, strangulation and drug offenses. The victim reportedly sustained minor injuries and was expected to be OK.

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