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Pregnant Woman Wants To Give Up Her Twins, But Dad Wants To Keep Them

Pregnancy is a very difficult process for any woman. But when the pregnancy is unwanted, the entire process becomes so much harder. One mother has decided to give her unborn twins up for adoption because she does not want children and has no relationship with their father. However, the biological father of the twins is very interested in raising the children by himself, even if the mother is not in the picture.



Although the biological dad wants to be involved, the woman wants nothing to do with him. Although she didn’t go into her reasons for wanting to avoid him, she made it clear that they have no relationships, and she doesn’t want one. Even if he takes custody of the twins, she wants to sign away her rights and let him raise the children without her input at all. She shared her life story on Reddit with the hopes of getting some support from anonymous people online.

“I’m pregnant with twins at the moment. Something I’m struggling with a lot as I don’t want to and will not keep them. Due to loads of personal reasons, I decided not to be involved in their lives. Even strongly considered abortion before. My plan was to give them up for adoption, but their father (who I have no relationship with) decided he wants to keep them, and there’s not much I can do about that. However, I made it clear to him that I will move away once they’re born and want to know nothing about them. Sign away my rights, etc.”

Despite the biological father’s alleged agreement to her plan, he is making comments that are making her question if she can trust him.



“In my last [doctor’s] appointment, he wanted to come, and I agreed, though I said I didn’t want to find out their gender,” she explained. “He asked if HE alone could find out and he wouldn’t tell me. A little bit later, and he already let me slip what they are, which has made me incredibly upset. He says he didn’t do it on purpose, but I don’t believe him. (He wants me to be their mom.) “

Because she’s pregnant and dealing with the challenges, she told him that he was no longer welcomed at the doctor’s appointments. She told him that she “would prefer to see him as less as possible until they’re born.”

She added, “He thinks I’m completely overreacting, and as he will be their only parent, he should be there ‘so at least one person who cares about them is there.’ He wants to be as involved as possible now.”



The pregnant woman wants to know if she’s doing the right thing or not, given the difficult situation. Many people told her that she was brave for going through with the unwanted pregnancy anyway.

Some people think she is selfish – and has said as much – others are more supportive.

“Contrary to the people accusing you of selfishness, what you are doing is actually very selfless,” wrote one person. “You are bearing these kids so that he can have them and raise them. I would tell him to back off.”

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