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Shocking Pictures Show How Badly Texas Was Affected By The Record Breaking Cold Weather

These images show just how crazy the recent wintry weather in Texas has been and just how much it has impacted people’s lives. Images include roads completely blocked from snow and ice, freezing water emerging from broken pipes, frozen water in toilets, ice emerging from faucets, and frozen lakes. Not to mention one individual, who soon regretted licking a frozen metal pole.

The cold spell which brought cold-temperatures not seen in the state for generations, is already being linked to the deaths of 21 people, including most recently an 11-year-old boy who was found dead in his bed after their heating was cut off.

There has also been vast disruption to electricity and water supplies, due to the fact that much of the Texas infrastructure is not built to handle such low temperatures. It is believed that as many as 14 million people are without running water and the authorities have advised people to boil the water before consuming it in order to kill off any biological contaminants. Electricity is also still cut off for millions of homes.

Some scientists have blamed climate change as being a potential significant factor in the freezing temperatures. Paul Beckwith, a climate system scientist in Ottawa, is one of those pointing the finger at the movement south of the polar jet-stream. Traditionally the polar jet-stream is held in place by the contrast in temperatures between the Arctic and more southernly latitudes, as the Arctic has heated up due to global warming this contrast has lessened, meaning that the cold weather can drift southwards, unleashing freezing temperatures on previously mild climes.

Beckwith says:

“What we’re seeing this year is an extreme example of what happens when the jet stream trough goes really deep southward. I think it’s a rock-solid case, but it might take a bit of time for the science to catch up and find all the details.”


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