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Watch days of our Lives full episode today 3rd February 2021 DOOL 3/2/2021

Here comes days of our Lives episode today 3/2/2021 Wednesday 3 February 2021 Episode 13250 (364)

Before the time of the show, here is the Spoilers for today. Please bookmark this website and visit daily for more updates. 

- Chad and Abigail are disappointed to learn the DNA test results prove Stefan is Stefano's son. 

- Abigail catches up with Chad and hatch a plan to take down Stefan. 

- Abigail returns to the mansion and finds Stefan in a state of undress. Andre meets with Vivian?

Still on Days of our Lives Wednesday, 3rd February 2021. 

- Rafe gets Ciara to confirm she knows the truth that he slept with Sami. 

- He realizes now Hope must be told the truth. 

- Eric is surprised when he learns Roman had a busy New Year's Eve - with Anna, who has made an unexpected visit. 

- Eric reveals he decided to move forward with Jennifer. 

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