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Watch days of our Lives full episode today Friday 5th February 2021 DOOL 5/2/2021

Watch days of our Lives episode today 5/2/2021 Friday 5th February 2021 below:

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, February 5:

- It won’t surprise anyone to discover that Chloe has become a sore spot where Kristen is concerned. 

- How far will she push the topic with Brady? As for the opera singer, she’s been spending an awful lot of time with Brady, but it’s Philip who plants a kiss on her today!

- Ciara’s been kept away from her loved ones long enough! But when she tries to make a run for it, how far will she manage to get? 

- Also, who the heck has her? Review our list of suspects here.

- Lani and Eli confront Ivan with their questions. 

- But will he tell them the one thing they want to know… where their children are!

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