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Abuse survivors seek closure following the death of John Geddert

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—It’s been just over 24 hours since former USA gymnastics coach John Geddert took his own life. but today, survivors are left to process what happened.

Grace French remembers the days she would leave Twistars gym at the age of just three.

“The only memories of John Geddert are him yelling at me, and I would leave the gym crying,” said Survivor, Founder, and President of the Army of Survivors, Grace French.

Now today she says she’s left with mixed emotions.

“A lot of survivors feel as if it’s their fault because of what we said or how we brought our cases forward or the truth that we have, and I really since then have started to process that it’s not our fault it was his choice, and we shouldn’t feel like this is on us,” said French.

For survivors of Larry Nassar like Larissa Boyce, yesterday brought on a number of emotions and questions.

“Honestly, I was shocked, numb, feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, sad, lots of different emotions, but not really knowing how to feel about it,” said Survivor and Victim advocate, Larissa Boyce.

However, Boyce says there is one message she wants survivors to remember.

“They should not carry the guilt as easy as that is to say. They were speaking the truth and trying to do the right thing.”

Advocates in the community say they are already planning ways to help victims share their voices.

“We’re going to organize a special event for victims of John who didn’t get their opportunity to share their voice or share their story but that want to be heard but also give them that power back and also provide them with the resources in tools so that we can help them move forward,” said

For now, French says while yesterday did not bring closure, she wants others like herself to surround themselves with the people they care about.

“I encourage survivors to look towards their support systems to find those people that really believe you and to find those resources that are really helping you in your healing journey.”

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