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After Her Beloved Grandma Died, Young Girl Transforms Her Clothes Into A Whole New Wardrobe

As a fashion student in the United Kingdom, Ellie Rose works to create her own sustainable clothing line. From her household in Brighton, UK, Rose has attracted a lot of followers after she showed off a new way she is redesigning her wardrobe following the death of her beloved grandmother, who passed away in 2019. Although she knew that her grandmother would not survive forever, she was heartbroken when she lost her because her grandmother was one of the best things in her life.



She told Newsflare: “She was my best friend. I was broken when she was taken from us. One of our favorite things to do together was shop. She had four wardrobes full of clothes, some of them years old. Every time I would take her for lunch, she would strut downstairs in her outfit that she had styled and asked me if I approve. She was the best-dressed nan I ever saw.”

In the wake of her grandmother’s death, Ellie could not bear to think about her granny’s clothes being thrown away or donated. Her grandmother had such a flair for fashion and had accumulated so many great items in her wardrobe over the years. Ellie feared that if her grandmother’s clothes got into the wrong hands, they would never be appreciated again. This was a hard thought for her to endure.

Because she was in fashion school and focusing on fashion sustainability, Ellie came across the idea to reinvent her grandmother’s wardrobe. Instead of just donating the clothes or tossing them into the garbage, the dedicated granddaughter decided to use her grandmother’s wardrobe as the raw material for a whole new line of clothing.

Ellie Rose got to work using her grandmother’s wardrobe to create new clothes that she could wear. The project required a lot of work. Some of her grandmother’s clothes needed to be completely redesigned to fit modern styles and tastes. Other items only needed minor adjustments to fit perfectly into Ellie Rose’s wardrobe.

For example, Ellie took one of her grandmother’s old full-length skirts and turned it into a minidress that the young woman could wear out on the town.



“I get to keep her with me all the time now. There’s no better feeling.”

Moxi Moments featured Ellie Rose’s designs on their YouTube channel. Thousands of people watched their videos, and people commented on the styles and designs.

“This is so cute,” wrote one fan.

Another shared, “I can’t imagine losing my grandparents. This is so cute.”

One critic did not like how the granddaughter showed off her skin with every redesigned item.



“Transform doesn’t mean turn everything into a crop top.”

Because this young woman lost her grandmother unexpectedly, she wanted to do something creative to help remember her. Both Ellie and her grandmother shared a passion for fashion. Redesigning and recycling grandma’s old clothes was the perfect project for this fashion student.

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