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Cops Find Starving Family Living In The Woods, Their Next Move Goes Viral!

God is here for us and promises to take care of those who love him! Even though we may find ourselves stuck in a pit from time to time, God wants us to trust in him. One family in Sacremento, California was suffering through some very hard financial times when God sent them a very special person to help them out.

Shannon and her family were forced to live out of their van for 4 months after they fell on hard times. They had nowhere else to go and has to turn to the food banks for their meals. The family would even camp out in the woods behind their local Walmart, scrounging for food and sleeping on the hard ground. They were really struggling, but then help came from a person Shannon never expected.

It all happened one day while Shannon was making lunch for her three kids. Two deputies, Deputies Tim Yee and Johnny Le, curiously came upon the family. Shannon was afraid and thought she was about to get in trouble, she also said that police officers hadn’t been particularly kind to her family in the past. But, these deputies were different. The two had quickly noticed the kids were dirty and hungry, and it really shook them to the core. Nothing could have prepared Shannon for what Tim and Johnny did next. The officers didn’t just return with garbage bags full of food, toys, and clothing for the family, they also returned day after day to help Shannon provide food for her kids! They even helped the family get off of the streets and into a motel until social services are able to place them in a more permanent home. Watch the video below to learn even more about the good these cops are doing for Shannon and her family:


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