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Here’s Why Men Leave Women They Truly Love

Women can easily fall in love, but it’s more difficult for men. When a man starts falling in love, he first assesses all the suffering he might experience once he opens up to his loved one. Men never dive in love head first – they take little steps on the way and are second-guessing everything before they’re fully committed.

Men just aren’t born to understand the complex mind of women. Sometimes, they are more inclined to leave instead of staying and working toward a solution. Sometimes, even simple things can threaten their masculinity and make them feel less than they really are, which is why they walk out the door even if they still love their partner.

Here are 6 major reasons why men leave the women they love:

She Thinks She’s Trying to Fix Him

Men hate being “fixed” – they look great in their own image, even with all the flaws. On the other hand, some women see men with flaws as a project, so as soon as they feel comfortable in the relationship, they begin fixing them. Men hate this – they know all their flaws, but when a woman identifies them and starts working on them, they immediately begin looking for an exit strategy.

As the great Albert Einstein ones said, “Men marry women in the hope they never change, and women marry men in the hope they never change. In the end, they’re both disappointed.” Men never change, and they never have to if you really love them. If you’re loving and supportive, they will grow and be more mature.

He’s Threatened by Her Success

According to a study conducted by experts from the University of Florida, men feel threatened when their partner is more successful than them. A woman’s success affects them in a negative way and they are inclined to leave. This is a major reason for a man to leave a woman, so don’t be surprised when he walks out the door if you’re making more than him.

She Nags Him Non-Stop

Men want and need to zone out their woman’s voice sometimes, so constantly nagging him about everything can easily destroy your relationship. Men are like children, but they hate whining and complaining. They have the need to feel appreciated and nagging them constantly will eventually become a habit they want to be avoided.

When a man knows he’s going to be nagged, he’d rather not do anything. A nagging woman is not exactly sexy to a man, so if you want to stay attractive in his eyes, stop nagging him all the time.

No S*x

Men need s*x even more than women, but they want it to happen naturally, not beg for it. If he’s feeling like he has to seek intimacy and that his partner uses s*x to get stuff, they will leave out the door. Don’t expect your man to stay by your side if you don’t have s*x often. Men need intimacy in their life, or else they won’t feel attractive.

She Compares Him to Other Men

Comparing him with other men is a big no-no in a relationship. If you make the mistake of comparing your current man to your ex-partners, your relationship is doomed. Men hate analyzing your past and absolutely hate being compared to others, so don’t do it if you want your relationship to last.

Emotional Co-Dependency

Men need their space and it’s a fact. They don’t want to be treated like an item – they need their friends, they need their me time and don’t want to be babysitters. Once he loses the feeling of freedom, you can bet he’s going to try to find a way out of the relationship. A healthy relationship needs both partners to have their own hobbies and friends, and this co-dependency is what drives the relationship forward.

If you cut away their freedom, men will feel like in a prison. As soon as they realize it, they will leave and never come back. Men really fear losing their freedom, so make sure not to do this if you really love him.

Men adore women, but they also want to be respected, appreciated and supported. If you’re not ready to do this for him, you can’t expect him to stick around for long.

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