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“I Can’t Feel Your Pain”: A Daughter Wrote A Moving Birthday Letter To Her Dad

A father-daughter relationship is a unique thing. No matter what you will always be a little girl for your dad, and your dad will always be the most important man in your life. Dad’s love is amazing and it is wonderful when children appreciate it. This proud woman is melting hearts all over the world after sharing a heart-warming message to honor her dad on his 50th birthday.

Heart-melting message

Richie Anne Castillo shared her and her father’s story on Facebook. Her dad, who has Down Syndrome, continues to fight for his life despite all the health issues he experienced. The man managed to come so far that the doctors were surprised by his journey. Richie Anne is very happy to have such a father, so she proudly decided to share sweet words about her dad.

The woman mentioned that even though she wasn’t sure that her father would ever see her message, she wanted the whole world to know just how much she loved him.

She said that is was difficult times when she was growing up as she was bullied because people said her dad was different.


As a kid I didn’t see you as different, I saw you as my dad.

The daughter continued that it took her a while to understand the situation. She realized why the students in her school were cruel to her and, when she did, she didn’t react the way her dad deserved.


You deserve love, understanding, patience and acceptance as any individual with Down Syndrome should.

Richie praised her dad’s strength of spirit as she saw him undergoing medical procedures without complaints. The woman described her dad as strong and brave through all his ordeal.

The woman also confessed that she made a huge mistake by pulling away from her dad when things got rough. She apologized for being an “absent daughter” and expressed her regret that she didn’t visit more often.

She wanted her father to know just how much she loved him.

Richie concluded this sweet message by wishing her father a happy 50th birthday and once again appreciated all the wonderful things that he had done for her.

The post has tugged at the heartstrings of thousands of people and it’s definitely worth your attention.

Seeing a daughter express her love for a dad can make anyone weep with joy.

What a beautiful story! We hope the relationship between father and child will become even better with time. They are only at the beginning, but they both deserve happiness. And what do you think? Do you like this story?

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