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Laura Ingraham cut Trump off when he tried to repeat false claims that the election was stolen, as Fox News faces defamation lawsuits

  • Trump repeated false claims in a Fox interview on Thursday that the election was stolen from him.
  • The host Laura Ingraham cut Trump off and said she was reluctant to “relitigate” the election.
  • Two election-technology companies are The Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday cut off former President Donald Trump after he launched into a tirade and tried to falsely claim again that the 2020 election was stolen from him.

    In the phone interview, Ingraham asked Trump about the Biden administration’s plans to expand voting rights as Republicans try to tighten access to voting.

    “If you look at the last election, it was disgraceful. It was a third-world election. It was a disgrace. Legislatures didn’t approve much of what happened,” Trump responded.

    —Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) March 26, 2021

    The former president went on to attack the Supreme Court, which rejected three attempts by his allies to invalidate election results in battleground states.

    “If you look at the numbers, the numbers were vastly in favor of us in the presidential election. It was disgraceful that they were able to get away with it. The Supreme Court didn’t have the courage to do what they had to do,” Trump said.

    Ingraham cut in. “Speaking as a lawyer,” she said, “we’re not going to relitigate the past.”

    But Trump returned to his attacks on the Supreme Court.

    “There’s a lot of Republicans on that Supreme Court,” Ingraham responded, then moved the interview to recent discussions between China and the Biden administration.

    Fox News did not respond to Insider’s request for comment on Ingraham’s interview with Trump.

    After the election, Fox News frequently hosted Trump allies like Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom pushed false election-related theories and sought and failed to overturn the result.

    Fox News is facing a $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic, a company that makes voting machines that Trump campaign officials had groundlessly claimed were tampered with to fix the election for Biden.

    Smartmatic named the Fox News hosts Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, and Jeanine Pirro as defendants in the lawsuit, as well as Powell and Giuliani. It said the network, the hosts, and officials had spread “disinformation” about its technology. Fox has filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit.

    Early Friday, the voting-machine company Dominion filed a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News. A representative for the network told Insider in a statement: “Fox News Media is proud of our 2020 election coverage, which stands in the highest tradition of American journalism, and will vigorously defend against this baseless lawsuit in court.”

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