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NYPD officer Valerie Cincinelli, charged in murder-for-hire plot to kill husband, resigns from NYPD: sources

The murder-for-hire cop accused of plotting to kill her estranged husband as well as her new beau’s daughter is out of work.

Valerie Cincinelli, 36, a 12-year-veteran of the NYPD, resigned from the force Monday, sources told the Daily News.

She was busted in 2019 for what feds said was a sordid plot to off her then-husband Isaiah Carvalho. She was planning the killing with her boyfriend John DiRubba, who was turned off when Cincinelli suggested they also kill his teenage daughter, the feds said.

DiRubba went to the feds with her alleged scheme and Cincinelli was eventually arrested.

Cincinelli has been in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center since her arrest and is set to plead guilty in her criminal case in April, according to a source.

The guilty plea was pushed back from a March date in order to finalize her status with the police department, her lawyer said in court papers.

“We are currently in the process of finalizing Ms. Cincinelli’s status with the New York Police Department which must be done prior to the entry of her plea,” said her attorney, James Kousouros, last Wednesday.

Cincinelli was caught sending DiRubba disturbing texts about the planned hits, according to court papers. DiRubba led her to believe he’d hired an assassin and she had given DiRubba $7,000 to pay the made-up killer.

When DiRubba, who at that point was collaborating with the feds, told Cincinelli in March 2019 that the hired hitman had a bead on his 15-year-old daughter in New Jersey. Cincinelli then incriminated herself over text saying that it was time to get the girl rubbed out, according to federal authorities.

“Why wasn’t it done if there’s no problem?” she asked.

DiRubba said the hitman wouldn’t kill the girl near a school, according to court docs.

“Ok so she leaves school, you said he knows exactly where she lives, right?… So what’s the problem,” Cincinelli allegedly replied.

Cincinelli’s next court date in the case is April 16.

She was charged with murder-for-hire plot and obstruction of justice in the case.

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