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Parents Realize Daughter Is Sending Them Dark Message After Drawing Creepy Illustration

It’s sad to think that we still live in a world today where people who have authority do harm to kids, thinking that no one will ever find out. They take this power that they have and completely abuse it.
Hearing stories about priests abusing their power and molesting young children is far too common. Netflix has even released a show “The Keepers” which shows the reality of this issue.
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and for one family in Brazil their little girl’s drawing contained a hidden message. It was this message that forced them to experience the trauma mentioned above. The picture portrayed an awful experience that the family’s church had forced her to experience.
Once the girl’s father figured out the message in her drawing, he decided to confront the priest and didn’t expect what happened next.

The priest, father Joao de Silva, didn’t even try to cover up his actions in any way and ended up fully confessing to his actions.

It is common in these cases that the ones with authority do everything in their power to cover up their action but not in this case.

Perhaps his inner guilt was taking over his mind that it was too much for him to handle and he just had to let it out and confess.

The little girl was taken to a psychologist after there were suspicions of sexual abuse. Her pictures ended up saying more than her actual words ever could.

According to, six different drawings were found in the little girl’s room and they all depicted signs of sexual abuse that had happened between her and the priest.

It’s nearly impossible to even imagine the betrayal that this innocent human being felt from someone that she so clearly looked up to, and trusted.

Priests are meant to be positive figures in people’s lives, especially for children. Hopefully, people will become more aware of this issue so that these actions can be prevented before they even start.

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