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Scammers pretending to be Bangor cops

BANGOR — Scammers are calling residents in Bangor and police don’t know what to think.

It isn’t every day you get a person calling you from Bangladesh pretending to be Sgt. Wade Betters.

He says some people are falling victim to scams.

“Over the past week or so, we’ve had a couple more instances where scammers have called citizens here in the Bangor area,” Betters said.

They are asking for gift cards and people’s credit card numbers.

No records show that the scammers have any information on victims, but they are luring victims by phone. according to Betters.

“They’re telling people that they’ve either missed a court date, or have missed a court hearing, or there’s a warrant out for their arrest and they’re saying that the person needs to give them a certain amount of money, which is usually several thousand dollars, in order to prevent them from being arrested,” Betters said.

Some people who are receiving the calls have a clean record and some have misdemeanors. Betters said that the scammers have no way of obtaining police records.

“My name was actually used in a scam and it unfortunately worked and tricked a victim into sending approximately $3,000 worth of money through gift cards,” Betters said.

Betters said if anyone receives a call like this, remember that no one from any department will ask you for credit card information over the phone.

“A lot of the times these scams target and have a higher success rate with our elderly aging population but as we’ve seen recently some people in the younger generations have also fallen victim to it,” he said.

Betters said don’t give out your information. If you feel like you have any speculation of a police scam call you have received, Betters said feel free to walk into the police department and ask, should you have any questions.

You can give them a call at 207-947-7382.

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