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Sex-mad teacher jailed for bedding pupil, 15, split from ex when she refused to go swinging with him

SEX-obsessed school teacher Kandice Barber was jailed yesterday for bedding a pupil — as it emerged she split from her ex when he refused to swing with her.

Married Barber, 35, was jailed for six years and two months after romping with the 15-year-old in a field after school.

She had befriended him on messaging app Snapchat then later took him to some hay bales and kissed him on the neck, whispering “Do you want to have sex?”.

Barber was found guilty in January of engaging a child in sexual activity, including sending a video to the lad showing her performing a solo act surrounded by sex toys.

Sentencing her at Aylesbury crown court yesterday, Recorder Bal Dhaliwal slammed manipulative Barber for scheming to bed the boy and later threatening to “take him down” if he exposed their affair.

The tough sentence was handed out as it emerged Barber dumped the dad of her children Carl Greeves when he refused to partner swap.

And last night a close pal told The Sun that when Carl refused, Barber became distant from him, before dumping him for their gardener.

The friend said: “It’s no secret Kandice had a massive sex drive and Carl had no problem keeping up with that.

“Then they went away for a weekend and she said to him, ‘what about if we get some other people round?’.

“It was clear she wanted to get her hands on some other men — and she was probably excited by the idea of Carl being with another woman.

“Given her lack of boundaries in bed it didn’t come as a shock, but that’s just not what he wanted from the relationship. Apparently Carl said, ‘That’s not really for me’.

“Kandice seemed to be OK with it at the time, but looking back it was clear that was a turning point.”

Friends say Kandice always sought men’s attention and would wear tight-fitting dresses and ask partners to guess if she was wearing underwear.

The friend said: “Kandice always got attention from men whenever we went out — and she courted it as well.

“She always loved talking about sex and having suggestive conversations. Sex dominated her life.


“After Carl said no to swinging she seemed more into the attention than ever before. It got to the stage where he started to get suspicious.”

Kandice developed a fascination with the gardener who worked at her mum’s nursery. And after a string of arguments she dumped Carl and moved in with her new lover after he caught them in bed together.

Meanwhile, an ex has claimed that Barber was so sex-mad that she was unable to sit in the car for more than an hour without playing with a sex toy.

She spent thousands of pounds on lingerie and corsets, toys, handcuffs, whips and masks for kinky sessions with her partner.

She would demand sex up to five times a day and insisted on dirty weekends away so she could catch up on her strict sex quota.

Pals said because she was so squeaky clean she became addicted to the idea of being naughty and allowed sex as her only outlet.

An ex-lover said: “Kandice never really drank and never took drugs, or smoked. That meant her only outlet was sex.

“That’s where she used to get all her kicks from. That’s why Kandice was always incredibly sexually driven.

“If she ever went away for weekends she could barely manage an hour in the car before she wanted to get started.

“She would barely be able to get out of London and she would be looking for her sex toys.”

The pal added: “I know Kandice would happily do it up to five times a day.

“She was into everything. Nothing was off-limits — handcuffs, whips, toys, the works.

“She used to tie lovers up in bed and blindfold them. She would handcuff them as well.

“She loved to be in charge. She always had to be the dominant one. She was a dominatrix.

“Kandice was always a fabulous-looking girl and would go out in skintight dresses without any underwear. We would go out and she would make me guess if she was wearing anything underneath.

“She had always wanted to be famous but had fallen short. I think that’s why she loved the attention sex gave her. And boy did she know how to get it.

“It was always going to be difficult for one man to contain her. Perhaps married life didn’t suit her and that’s why she started looking for sex at school.”

The court heard mum-of-three Barber, of Wendover, Bucks, added the teenage pupil on Snapchat in September 2018 and started sending him suggestive messages.

Just a week after taking his number she drove him to a secluded field where they had sex. But she later let the boy believe she was pregnant, panicking him into confessing to school bosses.

She tried to cover her tracks by ordering him to delete all her messages and threatening to “take him down” if he revealed their affair.

The victim said that he had suffered stress and anxiety as a result and that his GCSE grades were not as good as expected.

Barber’s husband Daniel, 38, told the court their marriage was as strong as ever during her trial, adding he had “full faith” in her.

But her clear attempts to cover up the offending meant she got the toughest-known sentence for a teacher seducing just one victim and was made the subject of a lifelong Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

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