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Teenager who stabbed two intruders to death when they stormed his house searching for a drunk woman will NEVER have to testify after shock ruling

A teenager who fatally stabbed two home intruders will never have to take the stand at an inquest into the deaths after a surprising Supreme Court ruling.

Diesel fitter Dean Webber, then 19, stabbed Tom Davy, 27, and his friend Corey Christensen, 37, after they tried to enter his home in Alva Beach, north Queensland on the night of October 1, 2018.

The pair had been looking for Mr Davy’s injured girlfriend Candace Locke – who went to Mr Webber’s home seeking help after dislocating her shoulder in a quad bike accident.

The Queensland Supreme Court on Thursday upheld Deputy State Coroner Jane Bentley’s ruling in October Mr Webber would only have to give evidence in writing due to the trauma he had suffered.

Mr Davy’s mother hit out at the ruling and said Mr Webber’s mental state should not excuse him from fully answering for his actions that night.

The original decision came after the inquest heard he had experienced PTSD from the stabbing and therefore shouldn’t have to testify in person.
Candace Locke (pictured) took refuge at Mr Webber’s house on September 30, 2018. The group of men then allegedly broke into the property

‘We feel that the person who has taken those two lives should be questioned to explain,’ Heather Davy told The Courier-Mail.

The 27-year-old’s brother Josh described him as ‘a beautiful young man in the prime of his life just discovering Australia’.

‘Our beautiful son Tom was a person Australia or the world cannot afford to lose,’ his father Neil said.

The family of the two men had challenged the move not to force Mr Webber to testify, but their hopes of dismissing a judicial review were ended on Thursday morning by Acting Supreme Court Justice Anthony Rafter.

Lawyer Rebecca Fogerty, who represents Mr Davy’s family, had said they wanted the cross-examination process to be as easy as possible for Mr Webber.

‘It’s an important consideration that if the witness is required to give evidence in person, that he does not have to go through that process anymore than he absolutely needs to,’ Ms Fogerty said, according to the Cairns Post.

‘This is of course a tragic situation for everybody involved and we are very conscious of the fact that for Mr Webber the process of giving evidence will be a very distressing one.’
Mr Davy has hit out the decision not to force Mr Webber to take the stand (pictured: Mr Christensen’s wife)

The Alva Beach stabbings have been shrouded in mystery since they shocked Queenslanders two years ago.

Ms Locke had arrived at Mr Webber’s door asking to be let in on the night of the stabbing.

Mr Davy and Mr Christensen are then believed to have come banging on the door of Mr Webber’s house looking for Ms Locke around 12.30am on October 1, 2018 before being fatally stabbed in the frenzied chaos moments later.

Both men died at the scene, and Mr Webber received no charges after it was deemed he was acting in self-defence.
A coronial inquest was launched into the deaths of Tom Davy, 27, and Corey Christensen, 37. Mr Webber (pictured) was excused from giving evidence in person because of his PTSD

Mr Davy’s mother earlier told the Townsville Bulletin, her son was the ‘most beautiful person’ and a ‘gentle giant’.

The aircraft engineer loved being in the water and had only just moved to Queensland before he was killed.

The family had known about Ms Locke as the pair had dated for four months before but had never met her.

She has since remained distant from the family.


June 2018: Candice Locke, 29 and Tom Davy, 27, meet via a dating app. Ms Locke was living in Ayr, about 90 minutes south of Townsville, and he in Cairns.

September 30, 2018: They met up with each other in Alva Beach, north of Queensland, for the NRL Grand Final long weekend.

The pair went for a fishing trip on a beach where they met local father-of-three Corey Christensen, 37.

Later in the evening Ms Locke hurt her shoulder and sought refuge from the group of men she was with in 19-year-old Dean Webber’s Topton Street home.

Mr Davy, Mr Christensen and a third man arrived at the home and allegedly tried to break in.

The men allegedly ripped through Mr Webber’s screen door and stormed inside his home.

Mr Webber ‘blindly thrust a kitchen knife in the dark’ to defend himself, hitting one man in the chest and the other through the armpit.

Mr Webber was arrested when police arrived too late to save either man but was released without charge as detectives decided he acted in self-defence.

October 13, 2020: The inquest into the two men’s deaths begins.

The court heard after several hours of drinking, Ms Locke, Mr Davey, Mr Christensen and a group of his friends were joyriding quad bikes on the beach.

Ms Locke fell off one of the bikes, dislocated her shoulder and went to seek help because she said no one took her injury seriously.

She ran off and knocked on Mr Webber’s door pleading for assistance at 11.30pm

Ms Locke said the group of men tried to break into the home around 12.30am, while they yelled at Ms Locke and Mr Webber not to call the cops.

Mr Webber called police but was told there was only one officer at the Ayr station, about 20 minutes away and couldn’t come immediately due to people in custody.

Instead, Mr Webber turned off all the lights and shut the curtains.

Ten minutes later, the men allegedly ripped Mr Webber’s screen door and stormed inside his home.

In the ensuring melee Mr Davy and Mr Christensen were stabbed and stumbled outside before bleeding to death in the gutter.

Mr Webber’s lawyer, Harvey Walters, also submitted an application stating he had been diagnosed with ‘moderate to severe’ post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the coronal investigation.

October 14, 2020: Inquest continues and harrowing audio of Mr Webber’s three desperate Triple-Zero calls is released.

Mr Webber first placed a call to Queensland Ambulance Service at 12.24am and Ms Locke could be heard sobbing in the background, telling the operator she was pushed from a buggy and ran to the home for help.

Distress was evident in Mr Webber’s voice as he revealed the men had arrived on his property and were trying to break in.

Mr Webb then placed a call to Queensland Police explaining the men were trying to break into his home and that he was housing a distressed woman he didn’t know.

At 12.57am, Mr Webber made his chilling final emergency call saying he had ‘just killed a bloke’ and there was ‘blood everywhere’.

The court also heard about a walk-through Detective Sergeant Gavin Neal did of the Topton St home with both Mr Webber and Mr Bengoa, one of the men from the group, after the stabbings.

Mr Webber told the detective he was ‘fearful for his life’.

October 15, 2020:

Dean Webber’s doctor, Michael Likely, said Mr Webber had formed PTSD because of the coronial investigation.

Deputy State Coroner Jane Bentley ruled Mr Webber would not have to take the stand and instead give evidence in writing.

Mr Webber must provide a written response to questions given to him by the parties within 72 hours.

Emotional pictured and videos were released of Mr Webber doing a walk-through of the crime scene with Ayr CIB Detective Sergeant Gavin Neal.

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