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The Gap Between Your Eyebrows May Reveal Your Personality!

The next time you look yourself in the mirror, pay close attention to your eyebrows. Believe it or not, the distance between your eyebrows actually reveals what kind of person you are.

It’s a secret that wants to be revealed. You may not give your eyebrows a second thought except when it’s time to pluck them or pencil them in.

Study your eyebrows closely to learn more about yourself.

If your eyebrows are spaced close together, you are more likely to be an intelligent person who tends to be nervous with high levels of anxiety.

If your eyebrows are spaced far apart, you tend to be a person who is easily led by others. Making decisions is hard for you because you are easily frightened.

At the same time, kindness is your middle name.

Even the shape of your eyebrows can talk about you. According to Jean Haner, a face reading expert the shape of the eyebrows may reveal your capacity for logical thinking, your motivational and organizational skills.

Moreover, if your eyebrows are curved, you are likely to be the person who strives for perfection.

You pay attention to details and have a highly creative side.

If your eyebrows are straight, you are a person that others can count on because you are a trustworthy person.

You are the go-to source when your family and friends need someone who will keep their feet on the ground.

If your eyebrows curve up, you are likely to be a person with a huge ambition.

You have a competitive side and tend to be successful businessman or manager.

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