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This Looks Like An Ordinary Amazon Package, But It’s Going Viral For One Strange Reason

A mom from the United Kingdom paid tribute to Amazon during her son’s birthday. Nina Evans William, 54, knew how important it was for her son to feel special on his birthday despite strict coronavirus regulations, so she baked a cake that he would never forget. Now, Nina’s Amazon box cake has gone viral across the internet as people wonder if the delicious-looking cake tastes anything like the cardboard material its design mimics.



Nina lives in Anglesey, Wales, and loves making cakes for the people she loves. But for Kane Evans’s 24th birthday, she decided to create a very special cake for her son. The cake looks exactly like an Amazon delivery box and includes all the details one would expect when receiving a box like it in the mail.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Nina’s son has been receiving weekly deliveries from Amazon, the retail giant. Because he has relied on Amazon so much during the lockdown, his mom decided to give him a cake that celebrates his favorite online business.

Not only does the cake look like a delivery box from Amazon, but it was also placed on a “concrete porch” that was also completely edible since it was made of cake.

Nina spent two days completing the Amazon delivery box cake. She works as a cake designer and was able to use all her skills to give her twenty-four-year-old son a surprise birthday gift. And she tricked him!

“He actually thought it was a package delivered for him! He gets deliveries quite often, almost weekly – and he’s known for that, especially during lockdown – so I thought that would be fantastic! This year he didn’t want a Liverpool Football Club cake, so I told him it was a surprise. The day before, I banned him from the cake cabin, so he didn’t see it until his actual birthday.”



Nina is the owner-operator of Nina’s Cake Cabin. She makes wonderful cakes like this all the time but was delighted to see that the custom cake she created for her son’s birthday made such a splash across the internet.

“He came into the cabin, and I said there was a boring parcel for him on the table, and when he got closer, he was like ‘oh my god!’”

The Amazon delivery box measured 15 x 10 x 5 inches. There was so much cake that it required her to bake sponge cake the entire day. The second day was spent decorating the cake with frosting and fondant.

Nina’s cake was such a hit online that it was featured in Daily Mail, where dozens of people shared their impressed reactions. The following are just a few comments shared to the site, celebrating Nina’s good work.

“Excellent! The most un-cakey looking cake I’ve ever seen!”

“Now, that’s talent!”



“I need to do this for my son. He receives packages every day.”

“Knowing Amazon, they’ll want a slice of this cake!!”

One person urged the founder of Amazon to take action immediately.

“Jeff Bezos needs to hire her! For anything!!”

What’s your reaction to this Amazon delivery box cake?

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