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Woman’s Complaint About Her Fitness Instructor Is Going Viral

Fitness classes are all the rage. Although some people have resorted to working out at home during the global coronavirus pandemic, there are still thousands of people who leave their homes to hit the gym or the workout class – complete with a face covering to ensure their safety. But now, 24-year-old Hannah Saada has come forward with a TikTok video to expose the horrible thing her fitness instructor utter during a workout that should never have been said aloud.



As a native of Dallas, Hannah understands that sometimes tough-love is necessary to drive someone forward to action. Hannah was participating in an outdoor yoga class on December 27, 2020, when the instructor said something that did not sit quite right with the young jewelry maker.

“I went to a socially distanced hot yoga class, love hot yoga,” she began.

However, Hannah quickly gets into the abhorrent thing her fitness instructor started talking about that was such a big turnoff for the young yogi.

“But I hate when the instructors go off and say, ‘We’re gonna work off all those cheat meals!’ And they just keep talking about the food you may have eaten and how exercise is just to combat the food that you eat.”

Hannah does not believe that food is evil. Nevertheless, her yoga instructor wanted to make the participants in the class feel that they had to rid themselves of the evil effects of the food they had decided to eat.



“Food is fuel,” she added. “It’s not something you need to fear, or you need to work off — they go hand in hand. They’re not, like, fighting each other. They work together. You need to eat.”

Hannah’s content made a mark with all the people on TikTok who viewed it. So far there have been viewed more than 900,000 times and have accumulated thousands of more likes. People have resonated with Hannah’s message to firmly that it has outshined the Dallas yoga instructor’s negative message a thousandfold.

People showered Hannah with support in the comments, writing messages like the following:

“I love that you addressed this,” wrote one user.

“YES I work out to feel strong, not ‘work off’ food,” said another supporter. “It’s taken me a long time to get out of that mindset.”



“START YOUR OWN CLASS!” commented a third. “You seem like you’d be a great instructor, especially with that mindset.”

Hannah creates body-positive content for her hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok. During a conversation with In The Know, she revealed that at one point in her life, she fell victim to the negative talk about “burning off cheat meals” with workouts and yoga practice.

“I had always followed that line of thinking that working out was just a means to burn off the food that I had eaten or planned on consuming,” she said. “It was only in recent years that I discovered movement and exercise could be done for fun and enjoyment and not as a punishment for eating less nutrient-dense foods.”

What do you think about the fitness instruction?

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