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Grandma Offers To Babysit 11-Month-Twin Girls But Hilariously Struggles Wrangling Them Up

If you have twins or know someone who does, then you’ve seen first-hand the struggles that occur. Of course, parents wouldn’t change anything for the world but instead of one rambunctious kid, they have two. This makes childrearing a bit challenging for moms and dads but even more so when a grandma tries to keep twins under control.

A special bond

Most grandmas have a very special bond with their grandkids. Experts agree there are many reasons for this. Those include always making one-on-one time with them to teach new things, offering hugs anytime, and don’t forget, baking homemade cookies.

Taking care of twins

That’s the type of relationship one grandma strives for. Although her twin granddaughters are only 11 months old, they already have her wrapped around their tiny fingers. In a video that’s now gone viral, more than 34,000 viewers got a good laugh watching her take care of them.

Caught on video

Like a lot of parents, the mom and dad of these adorable babies set up a camera in the nursery. That way, they can keep track of little girls when in a different part of the house or even when away. Well, luckily for people who found this video, they got to witness the twin’s grandma in action.

Becoming increasingly more mobile

Typically, babies learn to crawl around six months of age. The more they do it the better they get. So, by 11 months, not only can they get around easily but they’re also extremely fast.

More than she bargained for

Offering to babysit her 11-month-old twin granddaughters, this grandma discovered how fast babies can be. Although she raised children, it had been a long time. She forgot just how quickly little ones can move.

On the go

With the door to the nursery open and the video rolling, you see this grandma scoop up one baby to bring her back to the center of the room. But then, the other one heads straight for the door. She turns around to get that one and now the first twin is on the go.

The never-ending saga

As soon as she sets one granddaughter down, she rushes to the door to get the second one. But then when she picks her up, there goes baby number two. She’s heading back to the door.

The comedy hour

Throughout the entire one-and-a-half-minute video, this grandma deals with this repeatedly. She’s trying so hard to keep the twins in the same place but they’re not having it. At one point, you see her trying to wrangle both of them at the same time.

Success, at last

Okay, not really. Just as she goes back to the middle of the room with one granddaughter, she turns around to find the other one has already made it outside the door. Just watching this grandma makes you feel tired. We don’t know where the parents were at the time but if looking at the video, there’s no question they were laughing hysterically.

The aha moment

This grandma decided the only way to keep the twins in the room was to shut the door. As they look at her, she says, “You’re too fast for me.” They must’ve been having a blast playing the game because when they realized they couldn’t crawl out of the nursery, they begin to whimper.

While you can find a lot of funny videos online, this one is priceless. Especially if you’re a grandma, you’ll appreciate it. To see how it plays out, click on the video below

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