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This Horrific Video Shows Why You Should Never Pass A Truck Before Exiting The Highway

If you’re like me, you always keep alert when a tractor-trailer comes near you on the highway. Because these vehicles are massive and have many blind spots, it is very important to remain vigilant around them in case the driver makes a sudden move. Truck drivers are trained professionals who know how to operate their massive payload, but as with any profession, sometimes the person behind the wheel makes a mistake that can put another person’s life in peril.

While truck drivers need to be careful while on the road, other drivers also need to be careful when getting anywhere near them. If your car or pickup truck goes into the truck’s blind spot, you could find yourself crushed under the wheels of the massive eighteen-wheeler.

The video below shows you exactly why you need to be extra vigilant on the road while near a tractor-trailer truck. The content of this video may be disturbing for some viewers; therefore, viewer discretion is advised.

The crash featured here occurred on E40 in Aalter. When the video, which was captured via a dashboard camera, was posted on Facebook, it went viral almost immediately. Unfortunately, the victim in the crash, 25-year-old Jasmien Claeys from Kalken, is not doing so well. Although she survived the crash with her life, she has entered a long rehabilitation process and will not be back to normal anytime soon.


“I’ve been overly lucky,” she said. “But seeing those images again, and especially reading those reactions, is very confronting.”


When you watch the video, you’ll see how Claeys tried to cut in front of a truck that was entering the highway. Either she was not paying much attention to the road, or she felt that she was invincible, so she put herself in harm’s way for the sake of getting to her destination as fast as possible. The result of that short-sighted move was a major car crash that landed her in the hospital.

Footage reveals the horrific crash as it plays out. Because a truck was capturing every movement on the road with its dashboard camera, it captured the moment when Claeys flew out of nowhere to try and get into the exiting lane. Unfortunately, she did not do this safely and crashed into the backside of a truck.

Claeys was driving a small Ford, which crumbled under the weight of the large truck. Both vehicles were traveling at high speeds, which meant that it was beyond lucky that Claeys was able to survive the crash with her life. The truck that nearly crushed her to death is estimated to have weighed about ten tons.

While recovering in the hospital, Claeys watched the footage posted to the internet. The woman, from Belgium, was able to see how lucky she was to survive the destructive crash.

“I’ve seen the video several times. However, those images should not be released until after the trial,” she says.

Because she is clearly at fault in the crash, she did not like how the footage was released before her day in court.

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