Billy Flynn Opens Up About His Battle With Addiction!



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Photo: NBC

Billy Flynn (Days of our Lives) sat down to speak with Maurice Bernard (General Hospital) on an episode of Bernard’s State of Mind YouTube Series.

Bravo to Bernard for creating this safe space for individuals to be able to come, open up and share their truth not only as a step in their own personal journey of healing and wholeness but also to hopefully be a conduit in providing encouragement, support and light for others who need it.

Bravo to Flynn for laying bare and speaking truthfully, candidly, and powerfully about his internal struggles and his battle with alcohol, drug addiction, his childhood, his past and quite frankly himself and how his battle cost him (at one point) his relationship with his wife, his job at Days of our Lives and could have cost him his life. Thankfully, Flynn is now on his journey of recovery, wholeness, and peace.

We all have “stuff” from our childhood, past or that springs up in this thing we call life that if go undetected or unresolved can manifest itself in our present and have a negative impact in our lives. So, even if you don’t struggle with alcohol or drug addiction one of the central themes of the episode is an important one for us all. It is vital to deal with and face our “stuff” first before it deals with us.

This episode is for everyone as there is something for us all to learn and benefit from.

Love and light and continual healing to Billy Flynn and Maurice Bernard.

Watch the episode here:


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