Days of Our Lives’ Martha Madison Suffers Heartbreaking Family Loss!


Days of Our Lives actress, Martha Madison (Belle Brady) is mourning the loss of her mother, Barbara Baggs. Her mother was diagnosed with AFTD and after 18 years of battling the disease, she passed away at the age of 69 today.

Madison wrote, “We got the call two weeks ago that the end was near. Since then, my two sisters and I have been sitting at my mothers bedside as we’ve reminisced, shared stories about our Mom and reflected on our individual and collective childhoods. We’ve laughed a lot.

We’ve cried a lot. We’ve taken turns lying next to her, holding her hand, thanking her for her love and guidance and reassuring her that she successfully completed her mission here even with the odds so often against her. At only 69 years old, and after a grueling 18 year battle with Frontotemporal Dementia, my mother finally let go this afternoon and joined our team of angels.

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The duration of her fight is a true testament to her grit, stubbornness and strong heart. Thankfully, these qualities run deep in our family. We are so grateful to her devoted caregivers and hospice nurses who’ve become family to us over the last six years and who have very obviously loved our Mom. We are also grateful to @theaftd community for providing support and guidance along the way. We are so relieved that she is no longer suffering, but of course we are also completely heartbroken. My mother was incredible and complex and more things than any string of adjectives could properly describe. She was a single parent, and more than anything else she wanted her legacy to be about raising educated, honest, self-sufficient girls with a strong backbone and unwavering integrity. She did that.

With three daughters, five granddaughters and a sister, my Mom inadvertently built an army of women who will continue the good fight for FTD research, treatment, a cure and an extension of death with dignity rights for those afflicted with this hideous disease.

We send our love and condolences to the family!


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