My Identity update Wednesday 21 April 2021


My Identity 21 April 2021 update: Avni seeing the mangalsutra in her neck. Neil comes and smiles. She asks him. He says I did not see it since many days, I was doubting if you are my wifey or not. She asks how.

He says every broken thing can be joined, be it mangalsutra or heart, its my responsibility that your heart does not break. She says thanks. He says you have worn my name mangalsutra, its enough for me, no need to say anything. They have an eyelock. Aye dil hai mushkil…..plays…. He says Bebe would be finding us, come. She asks him to go, she will come. He goes. She smiles thinking of his words.

Avni says your marriage happened without family’s blessings, there is a way, why don’t we get you married with Bebe’s blessing. Neil says interesting, I used to dance in friend’s baraat, I will dance in mom and dad’s baraat. Avni says no need to dance, I will dance from Papa ji’s side.

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Neil asks will you come from both sides. She asks him to stop her if he can. Prakash says you can never stop Avni. He blesses Avni. Neil does drama and says you have stolen my Papa. She says you started and became my mom’s fav. Neela comes and says I spoke to pandit, he is going to say good mahurat, I got pandit by Neil’s contact, my son in law is famous, everyone knows him. Neil gives a look at Avni. Neela says we have to convince Bebe. Neil signs Avni.

Dayaben comes to have food in dining area. A lady talks badly with her and asks her to go. She sits eating food. Dayaben throws her plate. Lady angrily holds her. Warden comes and asks who did this. Lady says I will not leave you and goes. Dayaben looks on silently. Bebe says who changed my room, its all so good, matching cushion and sheets, fresh flowers in temple and my fav breakfast, what’s the matter, who is doing this, I m impressed, come. She turns and sees Avni. She asks when did you come. Avni says I got a loving family and came back.

Bebe asks why did you do all this. Avni shows calendar and says its Prakash and Shweta’s anniversary, will you help me please. Bebe says I don’t like to do anything for Shweta, she is not good hearted, she lies a lot, I don’t like liars. Avni thinks I have also lied about me Bebe, I m Avni Aisha, don’t know what will happen when you know about me.

Bebe asks what are you thinking, fine just for you, smile now. Avni thinks to tell her. Prakash comes and says I have to take Ananya, decorations people came, Shweta will ask and spoil program. Bebe says wait, let her talk to me. He takes Avni.

A lady asks Dayaben why did she fight with dangerous lady Kanta, everyone is scared of her. Dayaben says I m not any criminal to stay here, I did not learn to get scared of anyone, you don’t know who I m. Other ladies come and take Dayaben.

They throw Dayaben on ground. Dayaben asks where did you get me. Kanta comes there. The ladies catch her and throw her on ground.

Ali sees Neil and says I was busy, I have no time to romance like others. Neil gives the man’s pic to DD and asks him to do the work. He sends DD. He asks Ali what happened, we were friends. Ali says you are not my friend now, you are my best friend’s husband, Avni and I were never together.

Neil says I thought you guys were together and will be together as best friends. Ali says just friends. Neil goes. Ali sees the file and recalls Shweta’s words. He says I know what to do, I will do anything for Avni, anything….

Neela asks the men to hurry up. Shweta comes and sees the decorations. She asks what’s happening. Avni says I planned a romantic date with Neil. Neela says Avni does not know acting. Prakash says yes, I m also helping Ananya. Shweta thinks if I don’t throw you out, I won’t be Neil’s mum. She asks when is this date.

Avni says tonight. Prakash says yes. Neela says Avni is learning to keep relations, Shweta will also love you. Shweta says you all don’t remember Prakash and my anniversary. She asks Prakash not to say anything and goes.

Prakash says I will manage this Jwalamukhi, my anniversary can be last one. He goes. Neela comes to Avni and says you have grown up, marriage changes everything. Avni asks till when will I cheat them, I have to tell my truth that I m Avni, not Ananya Verma. Neela asks what’s the harm to lie if its doing good, its just name difference, become Ananya forever.

Avni says no, Aisha’s memories are linked to Avni name, Bebe, Prakash and Shweta have right to know my truth. Neela says please wait till this party gets over, then you can tell them, talk to Neil first, promise. Avni promises. Ali comes there with a CD and sees them.


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