No One Shows Up To Boy’s Chuck E. Cheese Birthday, Then Employee Calls Mom And Says To Come Back


The Lord directs us to be kind to every person we meet. Showing someone kindness when they are at their lowest is the greatest way to express our love for God and his creations. This is exactly what a young employee at a fast-food joint did, when a little boy was left shattered by his heartless friends.

Four-year old Evan Kazanis was super excited. It was his birthday and he had invited all 30 of his kindergarten class for a big party at Chuck E. Cheese. His mother Angel had even booked a large party room for the big event.
When finally the big day arrived, an excited Evan and Angel went early to receive the guests. But, as the hours passed, not a single one of the invited guests arrived. It was then that a heart-broken Angel realized that no one was coming to the party.

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The employees at Chuck E. Cheese were also devastated. Taylor Inzinna, in particular, found herself in tears. The sight of Evan’s crumpled face broke her heart. She was determined to set things right.

A few days later, Taylor called Angel and asked her to bring Evan to the Chuck E. Cheese outlet. Her mysterious phone call intrigued Angel and she took her son for a visit. What she saw there touched her soul.

The entire Chuck E. Cheese staff had organized a surprise birthday party for Evan and had large presents for the birthday boy. They had decorated the place and even baked a colorful birthday cake. By the end of it, Evan was so thrilled, he felt he was the luckiest kid in the world.


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