Performers of the Week: The Young and the Restless’ Hunter King & General Hospital’s Caitlin Reilly!

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Performer of the Week: The Young and the Restless’ Hunter King

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Summer and Kyle have battled through a number of obstacles in their time together and they’ve always been able to persevere. But when is enough enough? When Tara interrupted the couple’s engagement party with Kyle’s son in tow we knew that a storm was brewing. Tara, who has now separated from Ashland after the truth of her affair was revealed, came to Kyle for help as Ashland has threatened to take Harrison away. She asked Kyle to step up and claim paternity to ensure that Harrison stays with her. Summer made the vow to stay by Kyle’s side no matter what. Saying the words are easy. Following through is the real test. Hunter did a beautiful job at showcasing Summer’s fear of losing the man she loves as she fights to keep her promise to him. Hunter King ALWAYS knocks it out of the park!

Honorable Mention: General Hospital’s Caitlin Reilly

We wanted to give Caitlin Reilly a shoutout for a couple of reasons! We were so happy to see her be part of the wonderful tribute to her father’s beloved character. We can’t imagine what she must have been feeling when she stepped onto that set. Not only did she deliver a beautiful performance, she made us want more! The character of Annie fit so easily into the canvas that it felt like we have been watching her for years. We were able to become invested in her story in the span of a single episode. We are officially petitioning to have Caitlin join the cast! 

The Young and the Restless

Tara turned to Kyle for help after Ashland tricked her into revealing the truth about their affair. He threatened to take Harrison away from her as divorce was imminent leaving Tara to ask Kyle to claim paternity to ensure that Ashland couldn’t take him away. Adam tried to convince Chloe that he just wanted to help Chelsea but was left questioning his methods when Chloe told him that to do that he should leave her alone. Chelsea continued her ruse as Michael tried to get the full story of Rey’s poisoning out of her. Feeling guilty, Chelsea convinced her doctor to let her talk with Rey to apologize for hurting him. Kevin was upset when Chloe told him just how involved in Chelsea’s scheme she was. Nick pressured Phyllis into revealing Kyle’s connection to Tara.

Imani shared with Amanda that if Sutton was pushed too far she wouldn’t be surprised if he was guilty, which made her even more suspicious of her half-sister’s motives. Devon gave Moses some brotherly advice about his budding relationship with Faith. Tessa popped back into town to romance Mariah for the night. Billy and Lilly made plans to undermine Victor and Adam as they took over Ashland’s company. The pair also took the next step in their relationship as they moved into a new apartment together. Nick and Adam continued to bond as they spent some much-needed time together. Sharon and Rey were finally able to have an open and honest conversation about their marriage as he moved back into the house. Victoria found herself having a drink with Ashland. Kyle and Summer were put on edge as Ashland showed up at their room looking for Tara and Harrison. While they sent him packing, it was obvious that their talk was not finished especially when Tara ran into him on her way out. Summer expressed her fears of losing Kyle as she witnessed Kyle’s connection to Tara and Harrison. 

Days of Our Lives

Word about Kristen’s crimes began to spread across Salem leading her to go to Xander for help. While there Nicole stopped by to retrieve the wedding ring she left behind. Kristen overheard the two chat about their tryst. Desperate for money as he was about to be kicked out of the inn, Xander reluctantly agreed to take care of Sami and Lucas for Kristen. Sami agreed to pay Xander ten million dollars to let her and Lucas go but she had to reach out to EJ to get the clearance for the money. Chanel opened up to Lani about her sexual identity and how she was scared she messed up her friendship with Allie after kissing her. Tripp found himself getting advice from Kayla about his budding relationship with Allie.

Kate was rushed to the hospital where she was put in a medically induced coma. Knowing Jake still had feelings for Kate, Gabi wondered what the situation would mean for them as a couple. Jake worked to reassure Gabi that this changed nothing for them and that he wanted to be with her. A guilty Nicole admitted to Ava that she cheated on Eric. Chanel got an eyeful of Eli when she walked in on him naked. Lani ran into Kristen disguised as Susan and told her that she would have to bring her into the station. Once there, Kristen told Rafe that if she went back to prison nobody would be able to find Chloe, who was missing. Ben and Claire turned to each other for support after they realized they would have to let Ciara go when she asked for a divorce. The two shared a passionate kiss but stopped when they realized it would ruin their friendship.

Chad was devastated when Abby announced that she was leaving town for a while to visit with Jennifer. Gwen moved in with Jack despite Julie’s objections. Gwen then revealed to Jack that the fall was an accident and that Abby hadn’t pushed her but kept the truth about her miscarriage to herself. Dr. Snyder, who was annoyed that he had been played by both Gwen and Jan, took matters into his own hands. He blackmailed Gwen into being his drug courier or he would reveal the truth about her miscarriage to Jack. Belle was upset to learn that the recording was going to be allowed as evidence in the case against her. Shawn decided that they should try and beat Jan at her own game and stage a fight which would have him turning to Jan for support. And it would have worked if it hadn’t been for that darn Dr. Snyder, who shared that Belle and Shawn knew about the security camera footage at the hospital. Instead of meeting Shawn like she planned, Jan showed up to the house where Claire was at with a gun.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Wyatt confronted Bill about his ongoing erratic behavior and wasn’t convinced with his explanation. He had talked with Flo about his concerns, who brought them up in conversation with Brooke and Ridge. Thomas found himself in an argument with Bill about Vinny. Liam and Hope had a romantic night together but their happiness wouldn’t last as Liam panicked and revealed the truth about the car accident. She was devastated to learn that he and Bill had left Vinny to die on the side of the road.

General Hospital 

Elijah was left with more suspicions as Nina tried to cover for being in the office by saying she had lost an earring. But he discovered that she had been in his computer files and had to warn the people he worked for that she could potentially be a problem. Nina and Sonny discovered that the neighboring towns around Nixon Falls had been subjected to similar issues where local businesses were run out in exchange for strip-malls and outlets. While on their trip Sonny recognized the man who had tried to rob the Tan-O and instead of harming him, he offered him a chance at redemption.

Maxie arranged for a “babymoon” to get away from Chloe and meet up with Bobbie as she prepared for the birth of her baby. The Quartermaines reluctantly allowed Valentin to move into the house to keep an eye on Brook Lynn, which made for some interesting moments when he walked in on Olivia in the bathroom. Sasha opened up to Carly about her pregnancy, which Carly decided to use as a bargaining chip with Gladys when she refused to leave town. She then told her that the only way to protect Brando from Cyrus would be to implicate Cyrus in Franco’s shooting. Brando was tasked with finding out who the father of Sasha’s baby was by Cyrus. Sasha admits that he is the father but knows that if Cyrus finds out the truth that it could be detrimental to Brando. So she lies to Cyrus and says that she had a one-night stand. Chase was getting restless being stuck in the hospital so Michael suggested that he temporarily move into the Quartermaine house.

After Shawn had a visit with TJ, he went to Alexis for help with his upcoming parole hearing. Jason was able to convince Britt to see a doctor about her symptoms and she agreed to have the test for Huntington’s. Dante expressed his gratitude to Sam for getting him help and told her that he didn’t want her to get in any trouble. Laura was warned by Cyrus that he was now done trying to be a brother to her and he is done protecting her and Nikolas. Felicia and Anna were able to put their issues aside. Loved ones gathered in Ireland to say goodbye to Sean Donely. Anna and Robert enlisted the help of their friends to give Sean’s daughter, Annie, her final test to become a WSB Agent. 



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