Performers of the Week: The Young and the Restless’ Melissa Claire Egan & General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud!


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Performers of the week:

The Young and the Restless’ Melissa Claire Egan

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We love seeing Chelsea the con artist back at it! She reluctantly had to team up with Victor to fake a complete mental breakdown to get out of the charges against her when she admitted to poisoning Rey. Egan put on the show of a lifetime as Chelsea desperately confessed to Rey and Michael about being driven to madness because of Adam and Sharon. We cannot wait to see what happens next as the week left us with a very Sheila Carter-esque ending with Chelsea locked up in Fairview.

General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud

While we have some thoughts on the budding relationship between Britt and Jason – we are here for it! – we are excited to talk about the incredible performance that Kelly Thiebaud delivered this week! Fans have been left wondering for weeks what was causing Britt’s hand tremor and now we know. She shared with Jason that she believes she has Huntington’s Disease passed down by her father. Kelly broke our hearts with her passionate speech about living in denial for as long as she could. Bravo!


The Young and the Restless

While Amanda seemed to be getting along with Sutton as she learned more about her family, she was put on alert when Imani suddenly wanted to help her out with the case against their grandfather. Thankfully for Faith, Adam was determined to be a perfect match and the two went into surgery. Both made it through without any complications. Chelsea reluctantly agreed to team with Victor as her only chance of getting her life back on track. They faked her complete breakdown – doctor included – as she confessed to Rey about the poisoning. She was committed for the time being to get away with her crimes before leaving town. Rey and Sharon were left with questions of what is next for them after Chelsea told Rey that she saw Adam and Sharon having an affair. Nick and Adam were able to come to an understanding as Nick finally saw Adam’s seriousness about becoming a better man. Lola revealed to Rey that she had been offered a job working for 5-star restaurants in Florida. Working on wedding plans, Kyle asked Mariah to stand by his side at the ceremony and Jack to officiate. Phyllis put aside her reservations as Summer and Kyle celebrated their engagement with the family. However, the party started off with a bang when Tara walked in with Harrison in tow.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Despite their feelings of guilt, Carter and Quinn couldn’t stay away from each other. Unfortunately for them, Zoe stopped by to surprise Carter while they were in bed together. Quinn quickly hid but Zoe was left devastated at the sight of the room knowing that Carter had already moved on with someone new. The situation sobered Quinn and Carter as they agreed that their affair needed to end. Eric surprised Brooke and Ridge when he admitted that he was ready to make an effort to fix things with Quinn. Shauna decided to be a good friend and covered for Quinn when Zoe recognized Quinn’s jacket as the same one she had seen in Carter’s room, claiming it as her own. Carter, who was full of guilt, told Zoe that he wanted to give their relationship another chance. Quinn was able to breathe a sigh of relief as well when Eric told her that he was ready for them to move on from their troubles together.

Days of Our Lives

Claire and Tripp were surprised to learn that Allie had a history with Chanel. Allie later admitted to Tripp that she had feelings for him as the two shared a kiss. Though she was still unsure if they could move on from the past to actually become a couple. Chloe confronted Sami and Lucas once she realized that Sami had disguised herself as Stan to trick her. Lani was worried that Paulina was lying about returning to Salem but after a phone call between her and Abe, she was reassured. Paulina, however, seems to be returning with unexpected news for her plans for the town square. Steve was shocked to find Rafe and Ava on a date. Gabi and Philip hit a snag in their summer launch for Gabi Chic, but her quick thinking may have saved their line. After finding out that Eric has once again extended his time away, Nicole grew frustrated and found herself drowning her sorrows at the pub alongside Xander. She opened up to him about her feelings for Rafe and then haphazardly decided to sleep with Xander… which she instantly regretted.

Kristen unknowingly ran Brady off the road when Kate attempted to escape from her car on the way out of town. Once she found out, she rushed to his side in disguise as Kate. Chloe was by Brady’s side as he made it through surgery. Kristen asked Sami to help her locate and get rid of Kate. When she refused, Kristen drugged her and dropped her in the DiMera tunnels. And then when Lucas caught onto her plan, she knocked him out and left him there as well. As per usual, when Sami and Lucas are left alone sparks fly. The real Kate was struggling to get herself back home to Jake. Unfortunately for her, Jake had already turned back to Gabi. They admitted they still loved each other and slept together. Kate caught the pair and told him about her ordeal. Jake told Gabi that it didn’t change anything and that he still wanted to be with her. He went to end things with Kate but found her knocked out as Kristen had taken Chloe hostage.

General Hospital

Carly and Jax sat down with Joss in an attempt to get her ready for the future despite all the drama in their lives at the moment. The conversation led to Jax confronting Carly about her dangerous decision to take on the role of mob boss. After hearing Sonny’s suspicions about Elijah, Nina agreed to go on a date with him as a distraction for Sonny to break into his office to look for information. Sonny’s time was limited when he set off an alarm, leaving Nina to go back later to finish the job, where Elijah caught her. Ned was left hopeful when he had a nice day with Olivia and Brook Lynn. Maxie hired her new live-in nurse, Chloe, who she was unaware was working with Peter. Portia and Jordan had a heartbreaking discussion about Cameron’s situation and how the ending could have been different if it was one of their children. Anna was forced to get more antidote for Chase when he spiked a dangerously high fever. Michael and Willow had a hard time staying away from each other as they waited on Chase to recover.

Maxie and Brook Lynn’s plan keeps hitting snags in the road as Valentin decided to move in to watch over her and Maxie’s doctor suggested that she be induced as soon as possible. Britt revealed to Jason that she suspects that she has Huntington’s Disease and wants to continue to spend whatever time she has left doing what she wants… including being on the run with him. Despite his best efforts to keep Sam away from Jason’s drama, Dante, who was now back on the force, was left frustrated when Sam interfered with him locating Jason and Britt. Shawn revealed to Alexis that he wouldn’t be attending his upcoming parole hearing because he had pleaded guilty to a crime he didn’t commit. Nik told Alexis that he planned to buy Pentonville in order to protect her and turn things around for the other prisoners. Trina opened up to Ava about believing that something was happening between Portia and Curtis. Curtis delivered the divorce papers to Jordan. Sasha revealed to Lucy that she was pregnant. Gladys, who was eavesdropping, believed that the baby was Cyrus’ and told him congratulations on his impending fatherhood.


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