The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for 17 – 21 May 2021


May 17, 2021
Wyatt’s not always the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even he can tell that something is definitely up with Bill and Liam. Will Wyatt learn any new information when he grills his father and brother about the tension between them?

Hope keeps reminding people that she hasn’t fully forgiven Liam yet, but when she’s noticeably affected by the romantic evening her husband arranges, it may bring her that much closer to her goal. Mind you, if she reads this, it might be one step forward, two steps back!

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May 18, 2021
Duck and cover! Wyatt should know by now that if you irritate Dollar Bill, he might just knock the cents out of you. So hmm… wonder what will happen when his relentless questions push his father to become not just agitated but seriously agitated.

Is Liam finally taking Bill’s advice and putting thoughts of Vinny’s death behind him? It sure sounds like it as he and Hope make love for the first time since their separation and add a new chapter to their romantic history.

May 19, 2021
We spoke too soon! Even after a romantic night of lovemaking with his wife, Liam continues to be tormented by guilt, which causes him to make a strange apology to Thomas. Will the shrewd designer become suspicious of his onetime nemesis?

Despite rebuilding her relationship with Liam and looking to the future, Hope realizes that something is off with her honey and begs him to express his feelings. Will he finally ‘fess up to having left Vinny on the side of the road to die, or will he force his significant other to read his nonexistent poker face?

May 20, 2021
Unable to rein in his guilty conscience, Liam continues to exhibit odd behavior that causes Hope to grow increasingly concerned (and us to wonder how much more concerned a person can get).

We’re not actually sure what we’d expect to go down between Thomas and Bill even on a good day. So we can scarcely imagine what will happen when Dressmaker Jr. pays a surprise visit to the mogul… that doesn’t go as expected?!?

May 21, 2021
Having thought that Liam would have settled back into married life in the cabin idyll by now, Hope attempts to make sense of his seemingly irrational fear of losing everything. Will she end up coming any closer to the truth about what he’s hiding?


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