Zac Garred Previews His New Film ‘Occupation: Rainfall’ and Reveals If He Would Return To General Hospital! [EXCLUSIVE]



Photo: Jessica Gillette

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Soap Opera News had the pleasure of catching up with General Hospital alum Zac Garred, who gave us all the details about his new film Occupation: Rainfall!

The film, which is a sequel to the 2018 release Occupation, follows a group of humans in the midst of a war against aliens. “The war is not going well for humanity. It’s all looking a bit rough. It’s our job to try and stop the aliens’ final plan. Of course, things do not go easily,” the actor teased. 

It’s a beautiful thing to put something out into the world that you have put so much hard work into and Garred knows all about that feeling. Not only did he take on the physically and emotionally demanding role but he added Associate Producer to his resume for the project. “It’s my first project as a producer. It’s a demanding job but I think it’s really rewarding when you get to the end of it and you feel like you’ve really been a part of it.”

Zac shared that he is looking forward to the film’s release on June 11. “We had the cinema run in Australia while COVID had a very significant effect on The United States. So that’s the other thing that I’m really excited about is that I get to be here and see it with people in the movie theater on the back of this very tragic twelve months that the states have experienced. It’s like a nice celebration at the end of a very difficult time.”

“Rainfall” comes after the surprise success of its predecessor on Netflix, which Garred called an “interesting solitary experience.” After a cinema run in Australia, the movie found its way to the number one trending spot on the streamer. “It was a surprise! I just looked up one day and it was number one. You are looking at your film which is being watched by thousands at that very moment. It’s totally different than sitting in a sold-out theater watching it with people. Now, this film is four or five times bigger than the original and it definitely comes across like that.”

Love them or hate them, there is no denying that bad guys make the world of soap operas more entertaining. And Garred played one helluva villain when he starred on ABC’s General Hospital as Levi Dunkleman. “I loved playing him. Everyone wanted Nathan and Maxie to get together and Kirsten [Storms] and Ryan [Paevey] are good friends of mine. We had a really great time playing that tryst. It was so much fun and I think the more vitriol that came from the audience the more the writers really rubbed the salt in the wounds. That just made it more enjoyable.”

Photo: ABC

The actor, who revealed that he is open for a return to Port Charles one day, told us that he has taken great things away from his time on the series. “The thing I learned about working on a soap is the talent of the actors and the crew is immense. The speed at which they work, the capabilities that they have, and the discipline are incredible. They have to work so fast. They have to bring honesty and truth while they are performing,” he recalled as he told us how he was mesmerized watching actors Jason Thompson and Dominic Zamprogna work on the set. 

“It was absolutely amazing to see these incredible performers and to work with the crew, who don’t stop. It’s a 24-hour operation. It’s the kind of world that you enjoy being around because it’s enigmatic. So, of course, I’d pop back into Port Charles if there was ever the opportunity.”

As for what’s next for Zac? Well, he is certainly a busy man! He has several projects in the works including two new movies: Zero Road, where he plays a drug dealer, and a horror film, The Seance. He is also scheduled to shoot a pilot later this summer and is taking part in a top-secret project called Australian Gangster which is based on a true story. “I play a guy who is quite infamous and has very distinctive tattoos. So I couldn’t even leave the set because if anybody saw them they would know who I was playing. It’s all about this rise and very significant fall of this young gangster in Sydney, who brought a lot of heat upon himself.” 

Additionally, he is planning for a bright future as he expands his resume and his family. “I want in the next couple of years to have written and produced some of the projects we are working towards,” he shared with the good news that he just had an Aboriginal horror, which he wrote with a friend, optioned. “I also want to buy a house in Los Angeles and be settled. And I’d love to be married with a baby on the way. That’d be really nice.”

Thank you, Zac, for the lovely chat! Be sure to check out Occupation: Rainfall when it premieres in select theaters as well as streaming on-demand on Friday, June 11!



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